scuba diver shopHi everybody, I have wanted to get into diving for many years. It is something that has always interested me, however my life and work have prevented me from having the resources, (money/time) to pursue it. Plus I live in the NW United States, and the water around here is usually very cold.

That hasn’t changed my interest however. I can see into the future that it wont be many more years and that diving could be a real possibility. I thought that perhaps in the mean time, I could learn from the people who are already doing it and decided to create a website that hopefully people will interact on, providing me the opportunity to learn first hand.

I’m currently the big Five O! as in 50 years of age. My wife and I recently bought property on the Big Island of Hawaii, hence the hope that in not too many years we will be living there, and hopefully diving there. I have 5 children 3 from my previous marriage, all of whom are adults, and 2 from my recent marriage, both of whom are still in school, but not for long!

I have lived almost a good portion of my life in the NW, with a small time in the Philippines, the east Coast and the Gulf coast.

So comment below, and tell us about yourself, where you dive, and show us pictures, and videos and stuff!