Commercial Diver Training Manual, 5th Ed


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This new edition has been revised and expanded to cover the - how to - for the broadest possible range of underwater diving conditions and dive situations. Its primary purpose is to provide for the protection of human safety and the improvement of diver performance. It was written as a companion piece and complement to the NOAA Diving Manual, which covers the fundamentals that commercial divers need to know related to physics, physiology, diving medicine, first aid, marine animals, etc.

It is a comprehensive training text that covers the major aspects of commercial diving for divers who plan to work either offshore or as an inland diver. The Commercial Diver Training Manual is intended to make learning the techniques and information necessary to become a commercial diver easier and quicker to learn. If it helps to make commercial diving safer and more comprehensible for the new diver, its purpose has been met. The only book to cover the entire compulsory national syllabus for the Examination in Commercial Diving, this manual is written by divers with the ability to make a complex subject intelligible to both working divers and trainees. Discusses all of the theoretical and practical aspects of the trade, including underwater skills, use of hand and hydraulic tools, arc welding, cutting, explosives, and working with concrete, and many other underwater projects.


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