H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Station Kit Complete Package


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Less ThanbGreater Than This Package includes everything you need for a Redundant Air System except the Air Fill: Less Than/bGreater Than You're 60' (18 meters) down, and your Primary Air Source malfunctions, you can't get air! What do you do? Pull-Out your Extra Air Source, Calmly Make-your-Way to the Surface, Make-a-Safety-Stop and once back on the boat or on shore thank your Lucky Stars" you dove with the Extra Air Source. The Extra Air Source removes existing limits on Redundant Air currently on the market and allows you to configure a Redundant-Air-Source tailored to your Diving- Needs. Whether you're Cave Diving or Diving Shallow Reefs the Extra Air Source will get you to the Surface and even provide you with Enough-Air for a Safety Stop if configured correctly for your maximum depth. Having a Redundant Air Source for Increased Safety allows Independent Emergency Air not Dependent on your Primary Air Supply. An Octopus or Breathable Inflator System both depend on the Reliability of your Primary Air Source. If it malfunctions you're Out-of-Air! The EAS2 gives you the Reliability of a Redundant-Air-System using a Dependable Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston First Stage with a Downstream Demand Valve Second Stage. The First-Stage Regulator threads directly into the Neck-of-the-Cylinder eliminating the Need-or-Bulk of a Cylinder Valve, First Stage has a Sure-Grip On/Off Valve Hand-Wheel that is Easy-to-Turn even with gloved hands. The First Stage is equipped with two Low


  • H2Odyssey Extra Air Source 1'st Stage, 2'nd Stage Regulators, Station Filler Adapter, 6 cubic foot Cylinder, EAS Bag and Owner's Manual
  • Package Includes Everything Needed for Redundant Air System Except the Air Fill!
  • Reliability of Redundant-Air-System
  • Increased Safety in Diving
  • Threads Directly to Any 3/4"-14 NPSM Cylinder


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