NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 5/3mm Vented Bib Hood


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Product Description
Smart design pays big dividends in comfort with this multi-thickness hood. The thinner, oversized bib is made to tuck easily into wetsuits for a good seal and an overall anatomical shape helps eliminate sags and air pockets.
The 5/3-millimeter Bib Hood from NeoSports features a smart design that allows air bubbles to escape without causing water entry and that can conform to your specific anatomy. The hood's integrated air vent allows bubbles to escape through the top of the hood, preventing ballooning without promoting water exchange. The hood's face seal can be trimmed for a precise fit around your unique facial contours, while the thicker 5-millimeter neoprene keeps your head warm. Meanwhile, the large bib is constructed of thinner material for a comfortable fit with your wetsuit. Finally, the Bib Hood features glued and sewn seams to prevent water entry.


  • 3/5-millimeter multi-thickness, vented neoprene bib hood for diving
  • Face seal can be trimmed to precisely match unique facial contours
  • Large bib of thinner material provides a comfortable, anatomic fit
  • Integrated air vent allows bubbles to escape through the top of the hood without promoting water exchange
  • Glued and sewn seams prevent water entry

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