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Featuring a metallic silver faceplate and a bright easy-to-read LCD segments display, the new ALADIN TEC 3G is targeted primarily to technical divers who want multi-gas and CCR support functions, but also to recreational divers who appreciate a dive computer with the kind of features that enable them to evolve in their sport.

The ALADIN TEC 3G is equipped with SCUBAPRO's time-proven Uwatec ZHL8 ADT MB algorithm and Predictive Multi-Gas. You can program three gas mixes from 21 to 100 percent 02, the PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) system calculates safe ascents, and the three-color nitrogen loading bar graph makes it easy to track tissue loading. Microbubble technology lets you adjust the level of conservatism to suit your personal diving style.


  • Three Dive modes: Scuba, Freediving and Gauge. Supports CCR systems (closed circuit rebreather).
  • Maximum operating depth: 394ft/120m.
  • Three-color nitrogen tissue loading bar graph makes it easy to monitor N2 status.
  • CR2450 user replaceable battery rated for two years/300 dives.
  • Dive/Freediving logs can be stored and analyzed with a PC/Mac via Infrared technology.

2 Gauge Console w/ USB, 2-Gauge Console, 3 Gauge Console, 3 Gauge Console w/ USB, Wrist, Wrist w/ USB


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