Spare Air 3.0 Cu. Ft. Yellow With BONUS Holster AND Safety Leash


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SPARE AIR is the preferred choice of both professional and sport divers for a very good reason.It saves lives! Self-contained, refillable, it is a total redundant back-up miniature scuba system. In case of emergency, SPARE AIR provides you with enough air to safely get back to the surface. Even if you never use SPARE AIR, its always there as your backup.The ultimate alternate air source is also the ultimate buddy system! It allows for minimal interaction with your dive buddy.SPARE AIR is the answer in out-of-air emergencies. "There When You Need It" and available now from JoeDiver!Easy to fill right off of your tank with neat adaptor included with your kit. (see pic) You can also fill it at your dive shop or boat compressor with additional adaptor. Also included is the holster to mount to your BC so you can easily reach it underwater. (see pic)Joe gives you ALL of these items at one GREAT PRICE!!The New Spare Air BONUS Deluxe Holster allows the SPARE AIR to be mounted in several locations. The holster gives you unlimited possibilities for mounting the Spare Air on the shoulder, leg, and tank strap or even upside down - the choice is yours!ANDWith the holster, Joe has ALSO included a leash that he recommends you to use to protect your investment by slipping this leash over your Spare Air puppy. Its non-slip when in oval shape but easily slips off when in round mode. Clips on anywhere.Joe has included all of this in one package!!


  • Proven to be faster than buddy breathing.
  • Easier than an octopus.
  • Color: YELLOW


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