Sub Gear XP Air Integrated Dive Computer Console


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The XP Air Computer with Quick Disconnect Hose is a new, innovative console computer by Sub Gear. New levels of sophistication and technology allow this air-integrated console computer to stand alone in a sea of outdated and feature lacking dive computers. The XP Air incorporates a 3-button design that delivers everything recreational or technical divers could ever need. It allows you 4 gases all the way up to 100% oxygen for unmatched enriched air diving. You will find the newly incorporated 2-D digital compass and air-integration display extremely convenient, allowing you to ditch those extra gauges on your console. The vision allows for 3 dive modes: air, nitrox or gauge to make sure that no matter what type of diving you decide to do, you are covered. The Vision also features an automatic altitude adjustment up to 14,000' (4,367 meters). No more conversions, just drive up the mountain to your favorite lake and you ready to get wet! On top of all the great new features of the Sub Gear XP Air it still features many familiar and necessary qualities. The screen displays dive time remaining, NDL, maximum depth, current depth, and surface interval time. Additionally you can refer back to 110 dives with the computers extensive memory bank. Other features include: Pre-dive planning and repetitive-dive planning, which allow you to walk through your planned profiles before beginning your dive. This is convenient if you ever use the computer in gauge mode. DECO and


  • Computer Console, Quick Disconnect Hose, USB Cable, Owner's Manual
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  • Complete Instrumentation Console


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